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"Educating for the Future"

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Fourty eight of Evolution......
And the journey continues

Fourty eight years is a long time.... even though it sometimes feels like the blink of an eye. In our case it will always mean one thing - EVOLUTION

As Sparrows Private School commemorates its 48th anniversary, it is this process of evolution that we really celebrate....

As we pause to look for an instant, we smile and see the power of our history that will drive us forward....

 Sparrows Private School has its roots in multiculturalism. It is a South African institution begun by a Greek immigrant couple - Nikki and Ari Karvelas - who came to the country in the 60's and  who never looked back... except once. It was Mrs. Karvelas who one day looked back at her training as a nursery school teacher in Greece and felt a need to bring this expertise back into her life and into lives of others.

Ploughing all of their resources into the project, the couple built their first school themselves in 1970 at 43 Langenhoven Street, Randhart - the property adjoining the current school. Mrs. Karvelas had worked in Athens at a nursery school called "Ta Spourgitakia" - translated into English - "Little Sparrows"... and this is how the original name came about. Little Sparrows Nursery School was born out of a need to share... to help others develop... to bring wisdom into the lives of the young... and this formula worked from inception. The immediate success of the school inspired the building of the current property in 12 Spence Street as an after-school center in 1974... and from 1974 to 1989, the school grew and flourished - becoming established as a respected crèche, nursery school and after-care center accommodating from three months old to school-going age.

Success followed success and by 1992 the demand was so high to expand the school's offering that an application was made to the then TED to establish a primary school starting in Grade 1. The application was granted based on the school's excellent record and level of teaching... and in 1993 the first Grade One's attended Little Sparrows Primary School. A new grade was introduced with each year that followed and by 1995 the name "Sparrows Private School" was adopted. 1995 was in fact the year where much changed in the overall education environment, but , as always the school prevailed, evolved and developed. Student numbers grew steadily and by 2000 the grade 7 - and final primary school class - was introduced.

By now the Education Department had been so impressed with Sparrows Private School that its registration has been upgraded to include a high school, should that be needed. The reason for the Education Department being so confident in the school are clear: At no stage has Sparrows Private School rested on its laurels...- buildings have been renovated and upgraded; there is a fully operational IT center and the exacting levels of teaching and learning that have been maintained through the years continue to be of a standard many would be hard-pressed to match.

Ultimately, the success of Sparrows Private School can be put down to one word - EVOLUTION. It is a spirit that has permeated the souls of all the staff, the has driven the broadening of synergies between the school and those it serves; and that continues to move Sparrows Private School forward as it prepares young minds for the world and released them to fulfill their destiny.

 To all pupils, parents and staff: May the spirit of evolution that has gotten Sparrows Private School to where it is today inspire us all top keep stretching out to a brilliant tomorrow, always remembering that as people on Earth we are all one.